Sorbian cultural information - "Wutrobnje witajće / Witajśo k nam - Welcome"

About us

At the Sorbian cultural information center in Bautzen, you can get extensive information about the Sorbs in the form of information material, information boards, exhibitions or in personal conversations. On request, we also organize lectures, group excursions or workshops, e.g. on egg decoration. We put together the cultural calendar with Sorbian events for bilingual Lusatia and act as mediators to other Sorbian institutions.

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SKI Budyšin

We show a permanent exhibition of costume dolls and quarterly changing exhibitions of Sorbian/regional artists. You can also browse through Sorbian newspapers/magazines and books while enjoying a cup of coffee or cappuccino. German books with information about Sorbs are also available. You are very welcome.

We offer on the subject of Sorbs:

  • Extensive information material about “The Sorbs in Germany”
  • Sorbian literature, children’s books and art
  • Sorbian folk music, classical and pop music
  • DVDs on Sorbian history and culture as well as feature films in Sorbian and German
  • A large selection of Sorbian Easter eggs
  • Greeting cards and postcards in Sorbian
  • An exquisite presence of Sorbian folk art, handicrafts, souvenirs and more

We – that is Jacqueline Bjeńšec/Bensch, Regina Matcyna/Matka, Stani Wowčer/Schäfer and sometimes also Jurij Helgest.

We are looking forward to your visit!