Sorbian cultural information - "Wutrobnje witajće / Witajśo k nam - Welcome"

The Sorbian cultural information welcomes you

We would like to invite you to get to know the smallest number of Slavic people – the Sorbs/Wends. The Sorbian cultural information centers in Bautzen for Upper Lusatia and in Cottbus for Lower Lusatia inform you about the history, language and culture of the Sorbs/Wends. An extensive range of information material in various languages ​​is available to you for this purpose. Literature, music, movies and regional, handicraft products complement the range in both facilities and vary in the respective region. The cultural events throughout Lusatia are compiled in an event calendar.

SKI Bautzen

The sorbs in Bautzen
Photo Benno Scholze SKI

Here you will find information about the Sorbs in Upper Lusatia as well as current events around Bautzen and in the entire region.

LODKA Cottbus

The sorbs in Cottbus

LODKA represents the life of the Lower Sorbs/Wends living in Brandenburg in a variety of ways.