Sorbian cultural information - "Wutrobnje witajće / Witajśo k nam - Welcome"

LODKA – About us

The Sorbian name LODKA – english chest – primarily stands for the treasure and wealth of our small Slavic people. This must be maintained and preserved. The Sorbian cultural information center LODKA was opened on March 6th, 1992 in the Wendisches Haus/Serbski dom in Cottbus/Chóśebuz.

“….If we want to create a house of Europe, then it will only work if every people – even the smallest – gets a chance here and keeps its identity. Of course, this also applies to the Sorbs/Wends…. However, this facility will also be very useful to German citizens and visitors from abroad. In addition, the LODKA is an enrichment for the city of Cottbus/Chóśebuz….”
Greetings from the Executive Board Member of the non-profit Hermann Niermann Foundation in Düsseldorf at the opening.

Foto LODKA Archiv

We inform you about the life of the Sorbs/Wends in Lusatia as well as about our history, language and culture. Whether in a personal conversation, at information events and lectures, at exhibitions or at the numerous information stands inside and outside of Lusatia – guests and interested parties always get comprehensive information. The LODKA is an institution of the Foundation for the Sorbian People. It presents the life of the Sorbs/Wends living in the eastern part of Germany in a variety of ways. With us you will also find extensive information material about all areas of Sorbian/Wendish life, free of charge, in six different languages.

Information events for all age groups are an essential part of our work. We also show changing exhibitions of Sorbian artists and amateur artists and sell regional handicrafts. In addition, the entire range of Domowina Verlag Bautzen GmbH is available to you. Since 2019, the range of books has been expanded to include an extensive antiquarian bookshop.

Our services are:

  • Sending information materials and products from our e-shop
  • Information about the dates and content of Sorbian events and the maintenance of customs throughout Lusatia with our daily updated events calendar
  • Planning and organization of day trips through bilingual Lusatia in cooperation with the Sorbischer Kulturtourismus e.V.
  • Mediation and provision of exhibitions of Sorbian artists or amateur artists
  • Organization of exhibitions about the life of the Sorbs/Wends in the past and today in cooperation with Sorbian museums, local history rooms and other Sorbian institutions and associations
  • Ticket sales for Sorbian events in Cottbus and the surrounding area

We are looking forward to your visit!

Milena Stock & Sandra Maehl