Sorbian cultural information - "Wutrobnje witajće / Witajśo k nam - Welcome"

Wendish cultural information LODKA

The Wendish cultural information center LODKA welcomes you to the Wendish House in Cottbus/Chóśebuz. The LODKA is an institution of the Foundation for the Sorbian People. We inform you about the life of the Sorbs/Wends in Lusatia as well as about our history, language and culture.

Wendish House Cottbus

Sorbische Kulturinformation LODKA

August-Bebel-Straße 82

03046 Cottbus/Chóśebuz

phone.: +49 (0)355 485 76 468

E-Mail: stiftung-lodka(at)

Mon – Fri 10am – 16:30pm